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Questions & Answers

What does it take to be a "Splash Model"?

There is no one special requirement. We are not a school so we are only looking for talent we feel has the "look" to work in fashion or commercial print. We also require models to have current professional photos and provide them to us in digital format in order for us to properly promote them. For fashion, height and size are obvious factors for consideration. High fashion women are generally between 5'9" and 6' tall and wear a size 2 or 4. High fashion men generally are between 6' and 6'2" and wear a 38 - 41 jacket. There are exceptions to these guidelines, and models with extraordinary photogenic qualities are considered even if they do not meet these guidelines. The requirements for commercial print and non-fashion catalogs are much looser, so we will look at other potential models. However all models must have proportionate bodies and great faces! Most of our models have previous professional experience including tear sheets from regional or national catalogs and magazines, although we will take on new talent if we feel they have an inate quality and a unique look that our clients will buy. As we market our talent to clients all around the country, our models must have a flexible schedule and be available to travel with reasonable notice.

Do you represent children or babies?

No, at this time we do not represent any babies or young children. Teens are represented only if they meet fashion requirements for Splash Models or have acting experience.

What are the requirements for actors?

All of the talent represented by Splash meet either one or both areas of criteria:
1. They have completed at least one year's study or are currently enrolled in a professional acting program.
2. They have worked professionally in two or more films, TV series, industrials, or commercials. All actors must have current headshots and resumes in both digital and hard copy formats.

Do you require exclusive contracts? Are there any upfront fees?

NO AND NO!! Beware of anyone who does in a "right-to-work" state! If any agency or management company asks you to sign an exclusive contract, ask them what can they promise you. If they cannot promise you enough work and income to live on for the period of the contract, DO NOT SIGN AN EXCLUSIVE! We do have a management listing agreement giving us permission to market you and detailing commissions, release of liability, and responsibilities of both parties but it is non-exclusive meaning you are free to work through other agencies or freelance. If we want to work with you as "mother agent" and promote you to major markets, there's a separate agreement just for that.

Avoid any manager or agent demanding upfront fees. In fact, if anyone tells you they can get you work if you first pay them money for expensive classes or conventions, RUN THE OTHER WAY! A good manager or agency only takes money in the form of commissions or agency fees AFTER getting you the job. Modeling schools provide a service however that is not a requirement for working as a model.

Will you help me develop my portfolio? Do you require me to use specific photographers?

Yes, I will work with you by recommending photographers, counseling you on wardrobe and poses but I will not require you to use any specific photographer. I will tell you NOT to spend more than $600 on any one photographer. The best model books contain the works of three or more photographers. A good fashion photographer will charge between $200 and $600 dollars for a portfolio including 3 to 6 different looks. Some include hair and make-up services. Please shop around before making your decision. I will gladly offer my oppinion on any photographers work as well as whether I think their style will complement you. You should not commit to any photographer before confirming exactly what you will be getting for your money and when the pictures would be delivered. Also you should ask about rights to the photos, do not pay any photographer unless you will have the right to use the photos on websites promoting your career and in your printed comp cards and your agent or manager's promotional materials. Digital photographers are generally preferred to film as the web is fastly becoming the number one way or marketing talent.

Do you require composite cards? How much do they cost? Will you help me get them?

Composite cards are highly recommended but I do NOT require them. I do send them out to clients but I also send a link to the website which will contain your portfolio and stats. Some clients do still cast from comp cards so you will increase your chances of getting work by having cards. Also, the cards allow you to promote yourself on your own as well as leaving something with potential clients to help them remember you. I will help you select the pictures for your cards and if you wish I can make a "mock-up" for you and order them, often at a substantial discount. Beware of "agents" who charge high fees for comp cards and insist that they pick all the pictures. A reasonable price for full color two side comp cards is between $90 and $150 for 100 cards depending on the vendor, the paper stock, method of printing and number of pictures.

"Splash Model Management" and "Splash Talent" are trade subsidiaries of Splash Entertainment Group LLC, a Limited Liability Company chartered in Virginia, USA.